Old sales tactics


Well, that’s the old way and it’s worked pretty well. You follow up with them, you tell them that you’re fabulous and some of them would begrudgingly agree to an appointment with you. Then some of them would list their house with you. Then, if you repeat that nine billion times, you’d get enough people, right? Okay, so that’s the old way we’ve all seen this.

That’s an example of convincing marketing, that’s a little more push than it is pull.

Here’s the new way to do it. But, first of all, before I show you:

You don’t want to do it that old way because it screams “salesman”.

It doesn’t get as good a response because you’re trying to convince them to pay attention to you and they’ve seen it before, right? The right way to do it is to simply give them the most obvious thing they’ve
been looking for and then continue to help them until they raise their hands and say ‘Thank you so much; can you just help me out with this a little more?’

How it Works in Practice

So here’s an example of compelling marketing. Let’s go back to the real estate thing. Let’s say you and I are partners, we own a home in La Jolla, on the ocean and we want to sell that house.

We say, ‘You know what man, let’s go out and let this house roll, let’s split our profits and go buy some comic books and candy bars’ or whatever it is we want to squander our new-found profits on.